Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I have just eaten the flakiest pastry of my life. I bought it on my walk home because I have seven hours between breakfast and lunch, and I get very hungry. It cost 1.25 Euros. It was rectangular and somewhat puffy with York and cheese inside, sort of warm and very oily and fragile. Delicious. I have grown accustomed to ham. Food is cheap here if you're smart about it. You should be able to eat dinner on 5 Euros or less, including drinks.

In Spanish class today we played an evil, evil game where you roll to see how many spaces you get to go forward, and the space you land on has a topic or question on it. The bad part is that you then have to talk about that topic for a minute straight in Spanish. One question was (translated) "Where do the words Thursday and Friday come from?". Perhaps if you were a linguistics or history professor you could speak intelligently about the origins of those words for a minute, but if you don't know, what are you supposed to say? It was so weird.

Also, Arabic is awesome. We are learning to read like preschoolers, except it's harder because we don't know the meaning of the words; we can only make the sounds. I think I would like to continue learning other languages, because the process is fascinating. Grow, brain, grow!

I'm going to try to do some reading for class now. Hasta luego,