Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Time makes things smooth


It rained this morning for the first time since May. Our instructor told us to go ahead and take a long shower tonight if we feel like it. It was nice that it was cooler outside, but the wet stones made it a bit hazardous to walk.

I did a bit of scheduling today with the IES academic advisor. It looks like I'll be taking Spanish, Arabic and Spanish literarure (focus on Federico GarcĂ­a Lorca) at the IES center, as well as two courses at the University of Granada. I'm thinking history, in the hopes of fulfilling my distributional requirements, and perhaps a class on how to teach math or foreign language to children. It just sounds sort of fun. I'll look around on the website a bit more. We have an interview-style placement test tomorrow! I shouldn't be nervous because I don't want to be placed higher than my skill level, but it's still scary.

I sat around with Kirsten last night and ate goat Gouda on tiny pieces of toast and watched this Spanish game show where the contestant has to guess the career of the mystery people with virtually no clues. It's amazing how well they are able to tell. I wonder if we are shuffled into our careers partially by how we appear to others, or whether we adopt certain facial expressions or haircuts because of our jobs.

Things are grand, glorious, genial. We are traveling to Sevilla this weekend. I get to see a soccer game in the stadium there, which I think will be crazy and fun. I also suspect there will be some Flamenco and tasty food (I have just eaten fried fish as part of lunch, but you have to take the spines out yourself. Good thing fish don't have Mad Cow, because I think I ate some spinal matter). I'm not nearly as picky as I always imagined.

Mmm, siesta time.