Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I thought I'd talk a little bit about my plans so that when I recount my travels it's not totally out of left field (baseball aside: Yankees suck. Good work, Indians).

Not this coming weekend but the weekend after that, I will be in Morocco for five days with my program! Super cool. We got to choose people to be in our group (each group has about twenty students), so I'm with my closest friends here, which is going to be great. I'm a little nervous because despite Arabic classes I know less than fifty words, all of which are nouns. I won't be able to communicate in Arabic at all, so I hope people speak Spanish.

We have a long weekend the first days of November, and at the moment I am planning on traveling by bus and train to Galicia, in the north westernmost part of Spain (above Portugal, on the Atlantic) with a couple friends. I am really excited about that trip because I get to ride a train through the countryside, and because everyone agrees that Galicia is totally gorgeous. With any luck there will be forests and castles on cliffs involved. I admit I have an unrealistically romantic notion of the region.

The final trip I have planned is to Barcelona, during the third weekend of November. I sort of doubt it will be that great. But whatever. Maybe I'll meet a famous futbolista.

OK! Those are the plans that I have, and they please me. I am missing a bit of class, but am I really here to learn about Mao Zedong's philosophy? No, no I'm not. :D