Sunday, October 14, 2007

You very beautiful

I like dancing a lot. I can do it for many hours, and if I'm in the right mood, it doesn't matter what the music is. The thing about dance clubs in Granada is that they don't really open until about 2am, so you end up staying out very late if you want to get a couple of hours in.

I am sorry to say that reports of sleaziness of the type of Spanish men that frequent these clubs are not exaggerated. If you go dancing with your girlfriends, as I tend to do, you need to be prepared. As far as I can make out, there are three types of creeps:
1) Doesn't try to talk to you or even dance with you; would rather leer from afar and/or cop a feel as you walk by.
2) Spontaneously decides to dance very intimately with you without saying anything or even making eye contact.
3) Repeatedly tells you how beautiful you are, follows you around the dance floor, will not shut up about "Where are you from? Do you like Spain? What is your name? How do you like Spanish guys? Do you think I'm attractive?". Keeps trying to strike up conversation even when you tell him in intelligible Spanish to go away.

There were some seriously persistent guys of the third persuasion last night (and they were young! Like high school!), and we got so worked up that we had to leave or pretend the music was metal so we could start moshing (i.e. "accidentally" throw a couple elbows to the face). We left. Though the experience of being pursued in that way is unpleasant, it gives me a peculiar pleasure to feel that belligerent.