Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Hey, it's been a while, sorry. Last weekend two girls that I hang out with had birthdays, so we went out to dinner at this cute Italian place with about 15 people, and then around town a bit. I had a good time but made it an early night (before 2am) because my shoes were trying to skin my feet.

On Monday MariRuth Petzing was in town, so we had a drink in the afternoon and chatted a bit. It was surprisingly normal to see a former Junior Friend in another part of the world. She's working as a teaching assistant and taking classes in Córdoba. I'll be traveling over to her turf on Saturday (my birthday!) on an IES field trip.

Also on Monday was my first university class. I had some trouble finding the classroom, and freaked out a little bit, but I ended up walking in right in front of the professors. At first they were hard to understand, but I just needed some time with their accents. This class on the history and philosophy of Mao Zedong looks like it will be interesting, and manageable. The other class, which I had yesterday, is going to kick my butt. There are only about ten people in it, they are fourth-year art history majors, and the accent of the teacher is thick as hell. It is really going to develop my linguistic intuition (i.e. when she only pronounces a quarter of the word, I will still know what she means). The subject is prehistory, and the evaluation is a test. Good news: it doesn't affect my GPA at Haverford if I fail, and I don't need the credit. So I have nothing to lose!

I have set three goals for myself this week: no ice cream (there's a store on every corner, and it's the best ice cream I've ever had), no clothes shopping, and run at least once. I think I can do the no's, at least. Woohoo!